Libretto by Joseph Sonnleithner, Stephan von Breuning and Georg Friedrich Treitschke

Based on the opera LÈONORE OU L`AMOUR CONJUGAL by Jean Nicolas Bouilly and Pierre Gaveaux

In the 250th year of birth of Ludwig van Beethoven.


Production by Roman Hovenbitzer

Premiere: 12 June 2020

In summer 2020 the SCHLOSSFESTSPIELE SCHWERIN will light up summer evenings with a tribute to one of Germany´s most beloved composers, Ludwig van Beethoven, featuring his only opera FIDELIO in the year of his 250th birthday- the Schwerin contribution to a series of international celebrations marking the life of this national treasure.

Leonore takes a high risk. Under the pseudonym Fidelio and disguised as a man, she gains access to the infamous state prison in which the tyrannical governor Don Pizarro takes action against political opponents with iron determination. Since his machinations threaten to be exposed, he plans to cover up all traces and to let disappear the sharpest adversary Florestan, who vegetates in solitary confinement under inhumane conditions. At the last moment Leonore succeeds in thwarting the murder and the state's power of order puts an end to Pizarro's regime of violence.

As in his symphonies, Beethoven tunes in human music - as a resounding vision of an ideal world community. The rescue and liberation opera FIDELIO, published in its final version at the Vienna Kärntnertortheater in 1814,  contains an emphatic commitment to human dignity, freedom and justice, which are always threatened by despotism.

Even in Beethoven´s 250th year of birth, it proves to be a shockingly topical work.

Musical Director Ivo Hentschel
Production Roman Hovenbitzer
Stage Set Roy Spahn
Costume Designer Bernhard Niechotz
Dramaturgy Peter Larsen
Choral Rehearsal Daniel Kirchmann
Don Fernando, minister Cornelius Lewenberg
Don Pizarro, gouverneur of a state prison Bryan Boyce / Sebastian Kroggel
Florestan, a prisoner Marco Jentzsch / Stephan Heim
Leonore, his wife alias "Fidelio" Karen Leiber / Erika Eloff
Rocco, jailer Guido Jentjens / Ralf Lucas
Marzelline, his daughter Katrin Hübner / Anna Rabe
Jaquino, gatekeeper Sven Hjörleifsson/ Paul Kroeger
First prisoner N.N.
Second prisoner N.N.
Mecklenburg State Orchestra Schwerin
Opera Choir
Ballet Company
Background Actors of the Mecklenburg State Theatre


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14 June – 11 July 2019


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